A perfect knitting needle case for many circular needle sets. Natural Linen in dark olive green

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Circular Needle holder featuring lots of pockets! A perfect needle case for knitters who have lots of circular needle sets. Such a unique gift for those who love knitting.

Having a hard time dealing with lots of knitting needles in your jars, pencil cases or somewhere funky that you don’t remember any more? You should do something about it! But you already know that, don’t you? :)



5" (12cm) X 8" (20cm)

7 Big Pockets/ 5 Mid Pockets

A zipper pocket


Simple, compact, yet incredibly roomy

 This space-saving knitting needle case is just perfect for you and your dear knitting friends. Looks too compact you say? Don’t get fooled by the cover. You will have plenty of pockets for your needles, cables, notions and other goodies. If you’re still not satisfied there’s gonna be enough space, don’t be afraid to ask for more pockets. We are not gonna turn you down. After all, you’re the one in control of your own case.


Individual, whimsical, one-of-a kind creation!

 We love diversity. We adore uniqueness. Each of the funky patterns we use in our case interiors is only available in limited supplies to give a distinct character to your case. Exteriors are nonuniformely textured one by one to give a distinctive handmade quality to each and every creation we produce. No cookie cutter cases here! This case is sure to steal the attention of fellow knitters everytime you proudly take her out. The great combination of gorgeous outfit and smart pocket design is gonna add extra flare to your knitting gear collections.


Looking for something perfectly fits your taste?

 Ask us. We are just one message away. We specialize in custom orders. The number of pockets, size of pockets, colors, fabric patterns, buttons, and zippers... You name it! You can be as adventurous as you like when it comes to customization at Atelier de Soyun. Together, we could make your dream case come true. Why don’t we try right now? Contact us!


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