Unique circular knitting needle book

This One-of-A-Kind circular knitting needle case is created with various top quality fabrics in vibrant, eye-catching colors paired with fun, interesting and extra functional inner needle pockets! Created with patchwork technique one piece by one piece with a heart full of attention and love this needle organizer would make a precious, unique, and collectible addition to your knitting and crochet dream basket. As compact as your wallet the organizer effortlessly houses many different sizes of needle sets, stitch markers, progress keepers, and even small scissors.

5" (12cm) X 8" (20cm)

8 Big Pockets/ 5 Mid Pockets: Each pocket would house at least 2 needle sets

Truly one-of-a-kind: Created with Patchwork technique your case will have its own character!

Isn't this perfect time of the year to knit out in public? I definitely think so! This irresistible and exceptional knitting needle holder is a perfect company to take out. Let's bring some of your favorite knitting needles, stitch markers, mini scissors, and (most of all!) your biggest pride. There is plenty of room to share in the case. But, don't forget. This one-of-a-kind, collectible knitting needle holder is available one only! Sorry, original artwork shouldn't be duplicated, right? So, please snatch while she is around!

Atelier de Soyun is home to fabulous, One of A Kind (That's right! You will have a special needle case that no one ever can possibly have in the whole world!) collection of knitting needle organizers, crochet hook cases and project bags and the friendliest customer service on the market. All creations are carefully as well as beautifully gift-wrapped and ready to ship on the same day you place an order. While it's sold at Etsy (more than 1300 pieces with 5 star customer reviews!) the latest designs can only be found at AtelierDeSoyun.com. Buy unique, buy quality, and buy your pride!

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