Project bag with room and style: Textured with great attention and care Magenta Pink

 A roomy project bag that makes sock knitters life way more organized! Carefully textured and stitched with exceptional craftsmanship. A perfect gift for those who love knitting and crochet.



8" (20cm) X 4" (10cm) X 12" (30cm) She can house many big yarn balls easily! If you need bigger one you can always request us. We are ready for custom orders.


She sits up right by herself yet super flexible!

You can see what she is holding inside so~ easily. She has a beautiful bottom.

She belongs everywhere. She can be compactly squeezed in any travel bags and transformed to any shapes. You'd love to take her anywhere you go.


 She makes you proud!

Look at her! Who wouldn’t like her? Perfect combo of the function and the charming appearance will make anyone jealous. Take her out and work on your project in public to see what happens! 

As creators we will never have enough projects bags, won’t we? I knit, crochet, sew and each projects gets its own house. Particularly I cannot think of knitting without project bags. They are something truly critical like a mom’s womb that protects a fetus until the baby finally develops strong enough to say “hello” to the world. Just like that, a reliable project bag takes good care of a project from the moment of a CO to a FO. 


In my perfect world, every single project deserves its own bag and ideally it should be well-matched with the project. That’s how I started creating my own line of bags. I knit four to five projects at the same time (sounds like I am either too greedy or too-not-focused) so I need pretty many bags from time to time. What about you? Do you knit many projects simultaneously or focus on one project thoroughly? Either way we need decent bags to make sure the newborn gets right nurturing.


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