Feel the structure of the project bag: Nice double feature of stiffness vs. flexibility

A project bag that has a perfect balance of stiffness vs. flexibility. A special inner material makes this bag extra structured and easy to use. Did you look closely? The cute inner zipper pouch is just perfect for your itsy bitsy teenie weenie notions.



8" (20cm) X 4" (10cm) X 12" (30cm) She can house many big yarn balls easily! If you need bigger one you can always request us. We are ready for custom orders.


She sits up right by herself yet super flexible!

You can see what she is holding inside so~ easily. She has a beautiful bottom.

She belongs everywhere. She can be compactly squeezed in any travel bags and transformed to any shapes. You'd love to take her anywhere you go.


Inner zipper pocket for your notions.

Beautiful and elegantly hidden zipper pocket could house your precious goodies securely. Perfect for mini scissors, darning needles, and stitch markers.


 She makes you proud!

Look at her! Who wouldn’t like her? Perfect combo of the function and the charming appearance will make anyone jealous. Take her out and work on your project in public to see what happens! 


Looking for something perfectly fits your taste?

 Ask us. We are just one message away. We specialize in custom orders. The number of pockets, size of pockets, colors, fabric patterns, buttons, and zippers... You name it! You can be as adventurous as you like when it comes to customization at Atelier de Soyun. Together, we could make your dream case come true. Why don’t we try right now? Contact us!

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