Soyun's Philosopy

 Hi friends,

 Thanks for swinging by Atelier de Soyun where you become so creative, inspired, and adventurous that you can be truly yourself. I am so glad you reach out to me and support my new journey. I hope you have lots of fun while you’re here and keep coming to say hello over and over again.

 In this simple yet warm heart of creativity I desire to bring something physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy for all of us. I am creating this place as a nest beneficial to everyone willing to share, comfort, teach, learn, and grow together. Whether you’re a knitter, crocheter, maker, or blog reader this place should be exciting to visit and enjoyable to stay. Whether you shop our creations, read our stories and leave messages, or join special promotions from time to time you should know that you are helping this community greatly and becoming an important part of it.

 I start this journey with a humble yet determined heart. Hopefully you all help me here and there to make all of us more wonderful after all. I am so thrilled to announce it is about time to take off. Buckle up your seat belt, take a big breath, and enjoy the ride! Your treats will be served real soon!



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