Circular knitting needle storage in mustard flower with many pockets and zipper notion pocket

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Are you looking for a needle case that has lots of pockets for all knitting needle sizes? What about this? A needle holder that can organize lots of needles yet can be extra-compact. Doesn't this sound awesome? When you open up the case those pockets extend one by one just like onion layers. Easy to hold many circular needles and knitting notions as well as fun to play when you organize them.

* Size: 5" (13cm) X 7" (17cm) and 1 and 1/2" (4cm) thick
* 8 extra-big and deep pockets and 5 big pockets for lots of needles. Each pocket would hold more than 2 circular needles.

Colors, pocket numbers, pocket sizes and more things are customizable as you wish so please let me know if you have specific request.

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