Hi, beautiful fiber lovers. How are you?

Finally I feel the cool side of the wind in mornings. Since the summer in Korea has been pretty hot and humid this cooler and refreshing breeze gives a big relief to me. And.. I'm mostly excited cause it means something that most of us, knitters are looking forward about a year: sweater time!


Cozy, snuggly, and toasty sweaters are one of the most knitted items among us. Recent years colorful yoke sweaters have been very popular and I am so~ tempted to make one soon. Many of them are in my queue more than 3 years. If any of you tried one let me know if I am ready for the color work and other detail skills those fancy sweaters require. By now, you know how much I can handle. :)


As a transition sweater I am working on this simple one with a tiny color variation. I am pretty awkward when it comes to choosing color combinations. This time, I don’t think I went too bad though, right? With the limited stash I have (My hubby would say I have a plenty though.) it was a bit challenging to choose two match-able yarns in the similar weights and proper amount. As some wise person said, we will never have enough yarn.

Anyway, so far I am truly enjoying this sweater. I keep envisioning how I would look in it. My excitement got so high that I cannot stop knitting last 2 days and it has been grown pretty big already. I am sure I will show off the photos of me proudly modeling the sweater real soon. :)

Are you knitting or crocheting something with excitement, too? Are you having fun with making something with your bare two hands? I really hope so. After all, hand crafting is a big creative heart of healthy and happy life. By the way, you know what other thing makes me genuinely feel good? The continuous supports and cheerful messages I receive. I crave the fuzzy feelings that this warm knitty circle keeps offering. I truly think I am blessed with you guys.

unique knitting project bags by atelier de soyun

Before I leave, I’d like to answer some of questions I got recently.
Q1. Does my regular-sized project bag house a sweater?
A. Yes, absolutely! Most sizes of WIP sweater can snuggly fit in. Check them out and try one if you feel like. It is pretty bigger than it looks.

Q2. What about the extra big-sized project bag?
A. This huge bag is for those who want to carry lots and lots of knitty essentials in one place: WIP, knitting needle cases, extra yarn balls and more! Did I say it is huge? Yes, it is.

If you have questions, never hesitate and shoot! I am one message away and I am quick to get back to you.

Enjoy the last sip of summer, don’t forget encourage each other with some love, and leave something here if you’d like to!



PS. This sweater is alive now! Check it out!

knitting needle storage

unique knitting needle book

knitting project bag gift for knitters

circular knitting needle book

circular knitting needle storage

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