Hi guys,
Today, I’d like to share some of the Spring hats I’ve been knitting. Knitting hats is my favorite, favorite thing to do. Easy and fast to work with, one size fits most and very wearable from autumn to spring. Most of my hats are adored by my hubby and his hat wardrobe has been getting bigger and bigger the last few years. Among his many hats he likes to wear these two the most. (Please give him some cheers. He graciously modeled for the post.)

easy hat for knit beginners with slipped stitch color work

Out-of-the-blue by Julie Blauw

The first one was made while I was test knitting for Julie Blauw. I switched MC and CC and the hat turned out incredibly more interesting than it I had expected. I was absolutely amazed by the outcome. Also, this slipped stitch color work made the work way easier. I strongly recommend this hat to any knitters looking for easy yet fabulous-looking hats.

knitting patterns for beginners for free beautiful spring hat

Xeranthemum by Tiina Kuu

The second hat is my recent project. It had been in my queue for a while and finally I decided to go for it. The result? You tell me! Isn’t it lovely? Those sweet flowers make this extra simple hat look nicely festive. I am pretty sure this hat is gonna be my favorite thing to wear this spring!


Honey Hat by Hannah Fettig

 The third one has been with my man a pretty long time. Do you know this one? Sometimes the color of a yarn ball can be totally deceiving. This one single ball was a gift and I wasn’t sure about the color. Anyway, I tried to get the best out of it so I started knitting a hat. As the hat grew I realized the color was not exactly the same as the yarn ball any more. It slightly changed and the color turned out quite nice. It actually went with the texture perfectly and became one of my hubby’s favorites.
If you’re interested in knitting hats, check out my finished projects on my Ravelry page (sorry, not much updating recently but there are some great hats you might wanna try.) to get inspired.
BTW, Valentine’s Day is coming real soon. If you’re looking for something personal, warm, and memorable, these hats would fit the bill perfectly. A few hours of stitching could make something real special for your someone special!

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