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Welcome to the exciting season of the year! Hope you're full of joy with glorious sunshine and enjoying knitting and crocheting everywhere as I am. It is already June~ I am wondering how your stitching has been so far. I am pretty sure many of you finished lots and lots of projects (even Holiday gift knitting) already!

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This spring, I've tried some new projects pretty out of my league (!) and you know what? I am having a blast! Especially this simple pullover that I reinterpreted with solid color has been such a hit last few months. I received many mails from fellow knitters saying they got this wake- up moment when they saw my version. They didn't see how it would look differently in a solid rich color (the original pattern called for stripes.) and my piece totally changed the way they look the original pattern. Those thank you letters touched me and I am so glad I helped them have a new vision and want to try the pattern. Those who sent me warm letters, I thank you! Hope you knit one and share yours with a pride so more knitters get inspired and excited with fresh possibilities of old patterns that no one knits any more. 

Don't get me wrong. I adore new stitching techniques and fabulous modern designs. They are absolutely sensational and eye-catching. Actually, I am consistently looking for next new patterns.  But also, I'd love to sprinkle my own tricks and twists to those well-done old patterns. Don't you think you've done something like that already? Applying different yarns, color themes, and stitch variations from the original patterns called for... Didn't you feel more creative and attached when you try your own magic? I certainly do! I think you should do it more often and share your recipe about how you cook the pattern.

One of the critical reasons that I am always hanging out on Ravelry. Do you wanna know? Many of the precious skills and techniques I've learned are from those little memos and tips shared by many kind knitters on their project pages. I never start any projects before I read all of those memos first.  Those are priceless, extra practical, and way more make sense. So, I dig it!

become a great knit help for Ravelry knitting group.

So, here's what I really wanna say. First of all, thanks so much for those who create wonderful knitting/crochet patterns. You guys are literally genius! Please keep creating good stuffs and let us enjoy them.

Second, let's have fun with knitting and crocheting and don't be shy to be yourself. Add your colors, personality, spice and funk to see what kind of magic you are able to offer. You will be so~ surprised that how tiny effort can make a huge impact.

and third, don't forget to share your uniqueness, authenticity, and even failures. That's how you inspire whole stitching community and benefit all of us. The best way of learning? It is from sharing and helping each other. (I believe so, very very much!) Now, get back to your cozy stitching spot and let's make more magic!

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