It has been many a moon since I started dreaming of building my own little home in the virtual universe. I know, I know... I have many SNS pages, a blog and even an Etsy shop. Still, there is a freedom and a joy in having my own space under my own domain that I can do whatever I want with. Just thinking of it gives me goose bumps! Time to throw away the crutches and start the transition to my own independent AtelierDeSoyun site!

 I am still not completely sure how I am going to manage this big journey but one thing I know is that I boldly got out of my comfortable incubator somewhat by myself but mostly because God forced me to do so starting a long time ago. You see, God? I finally did it!

 This might be one of the most unknown destinations I’ve ever been trying to discover. Excited? Yes. Inspired? Absolutely. Nervous? Positively! But hopefully the nervous part melts down little by little as my confidence grows and I sail into new waters. It would be impossible to keep moving without leaving the hesitations behind.

 The number one thing I want to do with this place is have fun, lots and lots of fun with fellow knitters and crocheters from all around the world. I am simply here to offer the space and inspirations for you guys. I don't knit perfectly, I don't sew perfectly, frankly I don’t think I am perfect at anything. However, I am always happy to learn and share. By doing that I believe we all grow and get better at what we are doing. After all, we need each other's encouragement, help and cheers to become better. That’s the main reason I open this little space for all of us.

 So, are you guys ready to take off on this exciting journey with me? Well, yes, I surely AM! I hope all of you are! To celebrate this breathtaking moment together I am offering a pretty darn delicious deal for you. Purchase any bag that steals your heart in my Atelier and make a post or two (with some lovely photos, please?) on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, or Raverly) with tags #atelierdesoyun, #giftforknitters, and #needlecase.  For your efforts I’ll reward you with a coupon that will save you 40% off on your next purchase! This irresistible coupon can be redeemable by the 30th of November so you better hurry and get moving. (Please don’t forget to add the tags! Otherwise I wouldn’t recognize your post!)

 Thanks for reading my rather emotional little note today! I have such an understanding audience. I am very thankful!

 Take care and talk to you real soon.



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December 23, 2018

Hi Kyoko,

Thanks so much for your continuous supports. I truly appreciate that. :)
I am so glad you like your new bag. Hopefully you adore the bag more as you use it.

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!



December 23, 2018

I’ve just received your project bags!
Thank you so much for quick sipping.

So, lovery bags…
And, look very strong.

I will up pictures my ravery project page.

Thank you!!


November 10, 2018

Dear Soyun,

What a lovery site!

You are not only an excellent craftman but also an amazing IT engineer.

Thank you for invitting me.

I will get here big fun and treasure.

Thank you so much!!

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